Melissa Machnee is a welder and exhibiting sculptor from the Detroit area. She has been teaching Welding and Metal Sculpture since 2009. She developed the Metal Sculpture programs at Schoolcraft College in Livonia and Wayne County Community College District in Detroit, Michigan. She has participated in the city wide show ‘ArtPrize’ in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2010 and has displayed her Outdoor Metal Sculpture throughout Michigan. Melissa received her MFA in Sculpture from Eastern Michigan University and her BFA in Sculpture from Wayne State University. She is a Certified Welding Educator and Certified Welder with the American Welding Society.


Melissa works primarily in metal and fabrics. Because she is a third generation welder, she says that working in metal feels natural. Her sculptures suggest similarities between the welding and sewing industries. She uses the raw masculine qualities of the welding industry and nurtures it with the soft feminine qualities of the fashion industry.


Melissa is very interested in outdoor sculpture and installation work. Since 2002, Melissa has had a semi-private sculpture park called 'The Goose Lake Sculpture Park' that houses over 20 of her sculptures. She has began displaying other artists work there as well. 


More recently, Melissa has developed The Mindfulness Through Art Project that helps to support children in need around the world with art, education and health supplies. She has worked with orphans in India and students in need in Bali through this program. She hopes to expand this program further as art has proven to bring alot of mental health support to children and communities in need.