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Dr. Melissa Machnee, ND, MFA, CWE is a sculptor from the Metro Detroit area. She has obtained a variety of credentials in a variety of fields including; a Doctorate in Naturopathy, a Masters of Fine Arts Degree, an Associates Degree in Welding, and is Registered as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher but her first love has always been metal sculpture. She loves to share what she is most passionate about with others. Melissa is currently teaching Welding, Metal Sculpture and Traditional Sculpture at Schoolcraft College as well as Wayne County Community College District.


Melissa is a third generation welder. She works primarily with metal and fabrics. Her sculptures suggest similarities between the welding and fashion industries. She likes to use the raw masculine elements of the welding industry and nurture it with the soft feminine elements of the fashion industry. She uses animal imagery to reference nature and the symbolic powers that animals have as well as reference the symbiotic relationship that nature has with industry, a very masculine and feminine duality.


Melissa is very passionate about outdoor sculpture and installation work. Since 2002, she has had a semi-private sculpture park called The Goose Lake Sculpture Park. It currently holds over 20 of her sculptures.


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