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Title: 'Ukranian Pysanky for Love over Evil'
Medium: Aluminum, Paint
Dimensions: 8'x12'x8'

Year: 2023

Displayed at ArtPrize 2023 at the Gerald R. Ford Federal Courthouse Grounds from Sept. 14th-Oct. 1st, 2023

This aluminum egg sculpture is dedicated to my brave Ukranian ancestors. May they live through me and rest in peace. The egg symbolizes resurrection in the Ukranian culture which dates back some 5-6,000 years ago. The story goes.... Among the Hutzuls (eastern Slavic group) there is a belief that the fate of the world depends upon pysanky (decorated eggs). As long as egg decorating continues, the world will exist. Should the custom cease, evil in the guise of an ancient vicious monster chained to a huge cliff, will encompass the world and destroy it. Each year, the monsters servants encircle the globe, keeping a record of the number of pysanky made. When there are few, the monsters chains loosen and evil flows through the world. When there are many, the monsters chains hold taut, allowing love to conquer evil. May the spirit of this sculpture support the Ukranian troops and bring peace to those who have died, both Ukranian and Russian.

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