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Melissa has been making ceramics since grade school. Her ceramics range in fine art sculpture to functional items. She uses a variety of different clay bodies. Her favorite clay body to work with is Terra Cotta in sculpture. Currently, she teaches Ceramics at Jackson Community College in Michigan. A new series of ceramic work is currently being worked on that she is excited to share with the world. Stay tuned for any updates!


Raku Vase

This small ceramic raku vase is about 3.25" in height and width. It was fired with the traditional raku method. It is currently not for sale.



This terra cotta bunny was made in honor of a small baby bunny that Melissa accidently hit while driving home from teaching a sculpture class. As you can see with much of her other work, she loves bunnies. She was horrified at the incident. She used it as an example to her students on how to communicate and express themselves through their art. Emotions can be transformed into physical form when the artist is engaged in their work.

This bunny is currently not up for sale.


Melissas Ceramics will soon be on sale in her Etsy Shop at:

Phone#: (734)218-3822

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